Online Food Ordering

     Online Food Ordering System is an excellent service initiative for restaurants owners to upload Restaurant Menu’s allowing their customers to order Food Online & get it delivered at their doorstep within Minutes.
This is obviously a service breakthrough since restaurants can open additional doors for their customers to order food online apart from phone ordering. The Online Food Ordering service is meant to serve customers in those peak hours where there is space challenge to eat at the restaurant. Offices can utilize this service to their benefit since they go through time crunch for their lunch needs. Moreover, corporate account service, spend limits for offices can assure food ordering is well under control for offices & budget accordingly.

     Customers who like to plan their parties in advance can avail the service of advance ordering where you can prepare for your party and leave the food to the restaurant. This service is excellent for those who are ahead of planning their parties & always have a selection of choice at the last moment for their food needs in parties. Moreover advance ordering also allows you to order weeks/months before the event & save lot of time during the phase for your other needs. Keeping the restaurant clean with new & advance services like Online Food Ordering have actually changed preferences. No more asking the phone attendant at the restaurant about daily specials, what’s hot tonight etc rather browsing through the menu & specials for the day on your own will save your time, energy & effort.