Money Tips to Lower the Grocery Bill - Order Online

- Lower the weekly grocery bill with meal planning. Rather than a general food list, plan specific meals for the week and make a grocery list accordingly. As well, look at the weekly sales and food coupons to assist in the meal plans for the week. If chicken is on sale, make a few chicken dishes to save money on the grocery bill.

Weekly Food Sales

- Each week, supermarket flayers are delivered to many homes to highlight weekly sales. Often supermarkets will place several items on sale to entice customers to shop at their store. Owners of the supermarkets want customers to buy a few of the sale items, but also to spend the rest of the grocery budget at the store. Shoppers should keep track of competitors sale and non sale price products and continually compare prices. An informed shopper will save the most money on grocery bills.

- Reading food ads can be challenging as all the products are very enticing. Grocery owners spend good money on the printing of the ads. A consumer need only buy items on his/her grocery list. It does not matter if cheese strings are on sale – stay to the grocery list.

- If flipping through newspaper ads are not ideal, view the Canadian or American grocery flyers online. During the week, spend a moment or two checking the sales and record the food item and supermarket location.

Coupons for Grocery Stores

- Coupons are a wonderful device for stretching the grocery budget. Magazines, newspapers,and the Internet are the main places to locate food coupons. Clip coupons and organize alphabetically in a small file folder for easy access when purchasing the products.

- Before using coupons, it is important to read the fine print for their limitations. Many online coupons are only available to specific stores or for online food shopping. As well, some newspaper coupons might only be honored at the neighborhood grocery store.

- In addition, many coupons must be used in a specific amount of time as they often have an expiry date. Remove old coupons from the file folder on a regular basis. It is best to use coupons as soon as possible and make them apart of the grocery list.

- Coupons and buying products on sale are two wonderful ways to lower the weekly grocery bill. Best advice is to use a coupon on a sale item to get double the savings. Stretching the budget is about using the sales and coupons to the advantage of the family budget. Order Online and save up to 40% on your Grocery Bill.