Barack Obama Interview in The "Tonight Show"

I think the most great thing aboutt Barack Obama's appearance on “The Tonight Show " With Jay Leno on Thursday how funny it really was.

With the exception of the Barack Obama's politically incorrect blunder comparing his latest stab at bowling to a Special Olympics event , his chat with Jay Leno was great because no one from president's of US had ever made an appearance on a late night talk show before in history. Not because the President said anything victorious, thin is just a visit this show is great he is realy very open to people.

The show was very smooth and logical extension, exept like Jay always do the show, a celebration campaign that found both on the Obama and John McCain camps using the entertainment media to get their messages out to an easily distracted audience. Did the Obama is a Show man? He boost ratings are very high on tv and debate...

Get back to late nigt show, Leno asked easy questions about the AIG , taxes and what flying on Air Force One, like usual stuff president runn, and Barack Obama got to explanation about financial meltdown and it is still getting in a populist “American Idol”.

It's Debt full appearance will have any direct political impact. People who like Obama were probably comforted by his relaxed presence, he make a lot of toking and keep hem self a very open and confident, and it's very cool for hes reputation. "Obama is our guy" said Jay.

In the end of the conversation , the most interesting about President Obama's late-night show visit was step for a open and smart pepople's politic, hes smart thinking and opening eye's on financial colapse. He trying to explain people and hard workers what to do in that kind of economic. Exept the politic he seems like very smart, funny person
it was a great show ...